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Contingency Planning Solutions, Inc., (CPSI) provides a full range of Business Continuation Planning services for your business, organization or government entity:

  • Methodology

  • Software

  • Plan Updates

  • Testing

  • Plan Audits

  • Hot Site Solutions

  • Alternate Work Site Solutions

  • D2D2D BAckup & BareMetal Recovery Solutions

  • Computer Room Support Equipment

  • Training / Seminars

CPSI associates have extensive experience in all elements of Business Continuation, including Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Impact Analysis, Business Resumption, as well as Business Continuation Planning.

Clients choose CPSI because:

1.            Business Continuation Planning is our full time focus.

2.            CPSI delivers a comprehensive, executable, enterprise-wide Business Continuation Plan that meets DRII standards and regulatory requirements.

3.            CPSI doesn’t develop the plan.  We give you the tools to develop your plan.  When the day comes that you need to execute the plan, you will need that experience to be successful.  And we want you to be successful.

4.            CPSI’s certified, experienced planners have experience assisting in multiple disaster recoveries.

5.            Plan templates are Word and Excel based, so it’s easy for your employees to develop, use and maintain the plan. 

6.            We can provide content examples from our extensive experience, to
jump start your project.

7.            Projects are completed on time and within budget.

8.            CPSI has alliances with a wide range of companies that can provide specialized support to your planning or recovery effort, including cleaning, dehumidifying, storage, document drying, computer system and data recovery, mobile work facilities, etc.

9.            One time site/facility software license allows all employees access to the software.

10.        No ongoing maintenance, user fees or software update charges.  Once you have a plan, you need to update it—and we want to support that.

11.        CPSI will work with you until you have a viable plan—WE CARE!!



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